“Government failed to listen” Letter from Hardest Hit campaigner to South Wales Echo

The following letter from Hardest Hit campaigner Malcolm H Mort was printed in the South Wales Echo on Monday 18 February 2013:

I was pleased to discover that the MPs are criticising the Department for Work and Pensions disability benefits tests.

With the Public Accounts Committee saying that the Work Capability Assessments were resulting in too many wrong decisions which were later overturned by claimants’ appeals, my claim that the Atos medical examinations are not reliable seems to be confirmed.

Its chair Margaret Hodge accused the DWP of being “unduly complacent” and of hurting the “most vulnerable.”

The committee found that 38% of appeals against the DWP’s decisions had been successful.

Considering that Atos was paid £112.4m to carry out 738,000 assessments in 2011/12, I find that 38% to be damning evidence of the gross ineptness of this Government.

The Public Accounts Committee blames Atos and the DWP. However, should they not be blaming the Government for the benefits legislation they have produced?

This legislation has ignored the advice of specialists who submitted information and advice for the various government consultation papers and studies.

Having been involved in that consultation myself, I now see that the criteria of the studies was about exploiting disabled, deprived and unemployed people.

Only a few weeks ago the walking distance to qualify for mobility benefit was reduced from 50 to 20 metres to restrict the number of people qualifying. People need to be very careful because there is provision for the PIP conditions to continue to be altered as required.

Malcolm H Mort

RNIB Cymru Member and Hardest Hit Member

Read more: Wales Online http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/letters-to-the-editor/south-wales-echo-letters/2013/02/18/funding-is-vital-so-that-shopmobility-can-support-our-disabled-91466-32826458/#ixzz2LR7Ya3th

11 thoughts on ““Government failed to listen” Letter from Hardest Hit campaigner to South Wales Echo

  1. i suffered a later stage cancer diagnosis and was left with multiple internal lesions after gruelling chemo / radio/ internal radiotherapy. I used to earn 38k, I used to swim 2 miles every morning before work. Now I can’t go out among many other medical complication, as i am totally incontinent. They cannot operate as high risk of death and I am being hounded by by ESA to attend an assesemnt. This is nazism at best and the rest of the uk is standing by as they are so afraid of losing their jobs and keeping their bills paid and I dont blame them but let us remember this time in history. Is Cameron and his bandits so different to those who persecuted the sick and old in Hitlers time. What is next? please think about the persecution of the vulnerable here in UK and not some third world country for once and rally behind us. Send letters and email to your local councillor and let your voice be known

  2. I did not ask to be disabled and resent Government for calling us benefit scroungers Who are work shy B****ds!.
    I worked self employed all my working days , Employing other people as well?
    I was summoned to appear before a Atos tribunal hearing in a court of law Miles from where i live, Causing me great distress?.
    When i eventually was called into the court room I was not allowed to defend myself our allowed to reply to questions put to me apart from a yes no answer ????.
    I have now been placed back into a work related activity group, Even though my Doctors have said that i am not capably of carrying out work related activity’s due to my disability ??????.

    • Hello Ian Did you watch chanel 4 last night Britain on benefits i am shocked at what this heartless government is doing to us IT is making thing worse when you see on the news,that they are hardly there and getting £160,000 per year plus perks.Yet they are making our lives much more difficult than wat they are.Im afraid that unless this ruling is cancelled.BY the next government in 2015 suicide may be the only answer.I know quitw a few people who have concidered this but do the government care NO,as they just a careless government we are all paying for 2015 .To get these heartless pigs out,i have seen a massive decline in my comunity of disabled people,who has been thrown off DLAthrough it no fault of their own.Ijust dont know how these people of the government can sleet at night.Oh yes they have no heart roll on 2015 if we are still here

  3. Thank you from all us disabled people,for trying like all of us has said before.This government do NOT listen.Does this wicked policy have to go to the house of Lords,Before being implimented as i have heard that either party ministers are not for this.As it takes away our human rights.Also may i ask what conclusion did Liam Byrne say,when asked about this policy from Pats Petition.Atos is a complete waste of tax payers money as all they want to do is throw ,disabled people off benefits which is our life line 95% of disabled people have worked and payed into the system only to be denied benefits i think that this government & Atos are a disgrace and should be stopped May i just say that some of my close friends are conciderig suicide because of this Thank you

  4. The ineptness is never more graphically illustrated than in the way officials are ‘parking’ people for as long as 18 months at a time before beginning to address their appeals. Bills do not get paid, mouths are not fed and hardship abounds. This is no less than Persecution of the most vulnerable people, with no purpose served other than saving the red faces of blundering politicians.

  5. everything this government do is inept change inept to incompedent example bedroom & pasty tax to name just two but they are in line for a massive rise in there pay as well as all the perks they get subsidised meals drink # the best claim on expenses was a one for a duck house it beggers belief the whole lot should be sacked for causing misery stress & suffering to the people who need most help

    • I totally agree with all comments on todays Hardest Hit site.Like i and many other disabled people are saying,that this government doesnt listen As long as they get the perks they dont care.What really angers me about this is,what about your illnessAll that they are bothered about is how far you can walk.To me this government is a complete sham.the sooner we can have change the better,then maybe we disabled people could have a life,not comfortable like some but without fearI have degenerated discs plus arthritis plus sondilitis and now,i have been told that i have diabetes. So where does that leave me.I know its not as bad as some folks out there,but i too am afraid of whats going to happen.When IDSkicks all this wicked and cruel policy in. —NP

  6. Now there is a surprise, NOT!!! In the words of Phil Collins, the government are showing their “True Colours”. If they chased rich Tax dodgers with the same vigour as they hound the sick and disabled they would not have to cut the welfare benefits at all just reform the system to make it fairer. After all as one man once said “we are all in this together”.
    To paraphrase George Orwell, “some of us are in it more than others and some just float above the surface totally oblivious of the mess bellow.”
    Shame on our uncaring government and shame on those who still support their unfair policies……..SL

  7. The fact that a metric can be put on disability proves that the Government and Whitehall behind it does not and never will understand disability. It does not matter if a disabled person can walk 5, 10, 15, 20 or 500 yards. The question is can they do it safely? Are they putting themselves at risk? Are they putting those around them at risk? Is the pain they are enduring to try and be normal actually inflicting more damage on the disability itself. This is so true of people who suffer from Hemiparesis to either side of their body. The spasticity of the arms and feet, the involuntary movement of the limbs when put under stress, the lack of control if suddenly surprised by a noise, the inability to walk in amongst crowds, the motion sickness from not being able to walk straight but swinging with a gait, the drop foot, the wear and tear on the limbs, the muscle wastage on the good side. The inability to get back up of the ground in a fall, the inability to cross a road safely……None of this is taken into account with a distance metric and I have recently heard that people in this situation are losing their high mobility allowance when it is plain to the eye that without it they become housebound and have greater health risks as a consequence.

    The unfortunate thing is that not everyone has the intelligence to be able to articulate a case for themselves when completing the form. People who should not have a problem with gaining the high mobility allowance will be discarded to one side as collatoral damage for an inept policy

    • i agree with what your saying. Having spina bifida and not much feeling and dead leg on left with a fist hole in lower back where the nerves are exposed I have to be very careful and depending on weather or how I feel sometimes can walk a few steps or more with a stick that hurts when walk too much, but suffer panics about getting out because of having a fall or unbalance and can only go out with someone else. i drive when i feel I can which gives me the freedom to go to a friends etc. as get claustaphobia. I also agoraphobia and takes quite a while to get me focused to do anything. It is very difficult to explain how I feel as I try and block it and hide away. I will truly be stuck without a mobility allowance as where I live even if could catch a bus it is a long way to bus stop and I cannot walk it. You have mentioned about lack of control because of noise and that is what I get. I am always in pain but do not know any better and have grown up with my problem and try and stay positive.

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