Take action – stop the bedroom tax hurting disabled people

Help us stop the bedroom tax hurting disabled people

In a matter of weeks disabled adults and families with disabled children face a stark choice- pay more to stay in your home or leave.

From April, people living in housing association and council housing will be hit by the ‘bedroom tax’. Families judged to have spare rooms will lose on average £728 a year from their housing benefit, unless they can move somewhere smaller.

420,000 disabled people will be affected. This is because couples, where one partner has a disability, may need separate rooms. It’s also because many disabled children need their own room because of disrupted sleep or because they need care during the night.

The Government has recently been told by the Court of Appeal that denying disabled children their own bedroom is discrimination. But they are appealing that ruling and pushing ahead with the changes to Housing Benefit.

Please take our e-action and tell David Cameron to stop and think. Tell him to stop discriminating against disabled people.

23 thoughts on “Take action – stop the bedroom tax hurting disabled people

  1. Cameron you want my house back under the bedroom tax and I am dying. Is this tax the same as the Mansion Tax.

    • i truly admire you.i too face a very uncertain future.the local authority tell me to move,move,move,,but where the hell do we go..like yourself i am too sick to move..just pray we may all win and this onslaught stops before it begins.

      • Thanks for your reply. One thing for certain I am not paying this tax.

      • oh my god,,i truly admire you..how can this government penalise us,those chronicall sick,,like yourself im too ill to move so unless anything else happens will have to pay..benefits are being cut too..i was forced through health,i use oxygen to leave work,broke my heart,,now here we again facing uncertain futures again,,,good luck

  2. David Cameron you have a great responsibility on your hands which i think will be the downfall of you and your party.Everyone is sick of the taxes,we are supposed to be free in this country but no-one is freely talking about the real causes behind the effects.My dad always used to say why keep changing a light bulb when its the fitting thats faulty and this is the problem. Everything is being changed and cut back when it is the ammount of people coming to live in this very full up country that is the cause behind most of it, it is not their fault as they are delighted to be coming here and are lured by what there is on offer, this you cannot blame them for.If you were fostering children how many could you foster in your own home before it would affect your own children, instead of giving quality to life it is taking all the quality away from everyone, except yourselves of course.

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