Details about Bedroom Tax protests on 16 March

On the 16 March, Labour Left has initiated 40 Bedroom Tax Demonstrations throughout the UK. Find out more about the venues and times of the Bedroom Tax protests on principal organiser Dr Éoin Clarke’s website. The protests call for the Bedroom Tax to be scrapped, and anyone who supports this policy position is welcome to attend.

Throughout the UK, campaign organisers have been busy preparing for the big day. The events are intended to be family friendly occasions. Organisers wish to make clear that people of all political persuasions are welcome, but we would ask that anyone with anything other than peaceful intentions stay away. The police are experiencing cuts too, and we want these events to run as smoothly as possible for them. Labour Left members are not the only people organising the events. In some cases, key organisers include supporters and members of the SNP, Greens, and SWP. We also wish to acknowledge the supportive role Trades Councils and Trade Unions such as Unison have played. We wish to thank all parties for maintaining a broad united front on the Bedroom Tax issue.

The objective of the protests is to send a clear and unequivocal message to Downing Street. David Cameron’s Poll Tax moment has united the nation in opposition to his cruelty. We oppose the Bedroom Tax in principle, and detail. We are calling for the tax to be axed. It is utterly unworkable and will cost more than it saves.

Britain does have an overcrowding problem and it has a housing shortage problem but this is not the solution. In David Cameron’s own County of Oxfordshire, 25,000+ social homes have been sold and not replaced since 1994. Successive governments have failed to build adequate social housing stock. What’s more, more than 6,400 properties in Oxfordshire, and 997,000 homes nationwide lie vacant. The government needs to develop policies to fix these problems instead of targeting the vulnerable. As Labour Left’s Chairperson, Grahame Morris MP, put it “At the same time prisoners get off and millionaires are getting a massive tax cut. How can that be right?”

(Text reproduced from Labour Left media release)

14 thoughts on “Details about Bedroom Tax protests on 16 March

    • Hi Has anyone heard what the outcome was when Pats Petition met Liam Byrne.Time is running out almost for some of us,on DLA and i like many others are getting very whats going to happen to us,its bad enough having to pay bedroom tax aswell as disabled benefits being cut please help thank you

    • Hi Melanie, you’re right, the London, Lincoln and Glasgow protests are taking place on 30 March, the date is listed against those entries on the list of protests provided in the link from my post. Matt

  1. The Facebook link for the Southampton demo doesnt work for me. It just takes me to my own events page, but its not included 😦 I need info!

  2. Were are all the so called homes for these people to move to who are being victimised bye this governments bedroom tax Then?.
    There isin’t the property’s available to rehouse every one who falls victim of the most unfair bedroom tax?????

  3. do the royal family who we support from taxes have to pay for there extra rooms and any other goverment supported members, its just another way of conning the poor, overcrowding in this country is not the british subjects choice, if those in power stopped allowing people from all other countrys from entering this country and paying them to settle here, with what our forbearers fought for and what we pay for to keep this countrys independence and future of our England to Remain Great Britain, is a sacrifice, that is immoral to there memmory,
    Goverment have messed up and are now pursecuting the innocent, stop hand outs to immigrants and put others of from wanting to enter this country

  4. yes,we are in a slightly different situation,but are affected .have lived in rented private sector for 4 years,family of six,carer husband,wife round the clock care,adult daughter physically and mentally disabled and 2 dependant children plus one son who is now young adult with a part time job. we had housing benefit cut christmas eve,got in touch with our mp,conservative,who suggested we move,where ? there is nowhere. our rent is not to grand £750 per calender month for 4 bed house.we tried getting social housing,there was nothing,zilch. if there was just me and my wife,we would have problem though for bedroom tax in social housing,my wife sleeps in a hospital bed.the house we are in has a large bed room,but the beds are pushed together,she will need hoists eventually,so this tax or bedroom subsidy as cameron calls it is a farce.good the way we had cut because of this thing about people on housing benefit should only be living in lower rental properties.

    • The upsetting thing about all this is,we the poor people & disabled are paying for this,big mess up by the Coalition government.They are heartless and very selfish people.We are in this situation through no fault of our own,and get punished for it.We will show this government that we are not happy, come Mays by election.I am afraid that this Coalition has taken the H out of happy for us Thank you

  5. Agree this is yet another one of the governments,punish the poor policies.It is time for this government to wake up,and see that the poor & disabled people disagree with them.We are suffering while the government & the rich get tax cuts,that just is not fair If they can do u turns on alcohol im sure they can do it on bedroom tax & disabled peoples DLA. Not long now before 2015 general election,i cannot wait

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