New consultation for 20m ruling in PIP

From Steven Sumpter, @latentexistence

The Department of Work and Pensions have today announced that they will hold a “further consultation on the mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)”.

This follows the outcry after the threshold to be eligible for the most help with moving around was tightened from fifty metres to twenty metres with no indication during the consultation that this would be the case. Myself and two others had initiated a Judicial Review against the DWP to declare the consultation invalid and force a rethink. The Judicial Review would have taken place at the end of July.

The DWP would very much like you to believe that it is holding this new consultation because it is a kind and listening department and their announcement does not mention the court proceedings at all.

“However, the department has received significant feedback from disabled people and their organisations that they want a further opportunity to comment on the finalised assessment criteria rules around the mobility component. That is why it is now giving notice of a further consultation to be launched late June.”

However the emails sent out to my solicitor and to members of the stakeholder consultation forum had a subject line of “Re: Judicial Review” so make of that what you will.

While this new consultation is very good news it is not an admission that the twenty metre eligibility is wrong or an indication that the DWP will change their minds. We will have six weeks to make sure that the DWP has no choice but to admit that the twenty metre limit will cause serious harm to a great deal of people, withdrawing support from people that desperately need it. I will publish details of how to contribute to the consultation once they are available.

A lot of credit is due to Jane Young and We Are Spartacus for getting legal action organised to bring about this new consultation.

I will be discussing with my solicitor and other people involved what step to take next.

Press release: DWP to launch Personal Independence Payment mobility consultation

Why I am suing the government

We Are Spartacus

6 thoughts on “New consultation for 20m ruling in PIP

  1. nice one give thanks & Praise i am so glad that evil cameron goverment is getting every
    thing they desverd and i hope that they lose no i predict that evil cameron goverment
    will lose and i am so glad that we disabled people will stand up to the evil devil goverment
    like that evil cameron

  2. AsI have a neurological tremor I have virtual no balance + a lack of co-ordantion means I n not control a leval/flat footstep so notablity 1meter is a mirical so 20m is out of the question so much for Whitehall beuracraits

  3. what’s the point we had a review on bedroom tax 4 weeks ago and heard nothing no ruling or anything their all in league with each other probably went to Eton together either way their not going to rule in our favour you might as well not bother.

  4. Thank goodness there are individuals out there who are completely focussed and prepared to work tirelessly on behalf of the wider community. Well done and thanks for keeping everyone up to date. Now….. for those affected, it is up to YOU, to support this tremendous work and respond accordingly. People cannot challenge on their own. Thanks again.

  5. I have no faith at all in this government, and they are only doing this so they can say “Well, we listened, didn’t we?”
    I think they will hold the consultation, listen to the evidence, examine all relevant information, then make no changes anyway!

  6. Thank you for doing this and I truly hope that they do put this rule back to 50m or even more. I have heard of so many people who have been told that they will not qualify for a motability car and one close friend has been told she will not have her car from next year! She works, she has a husband and they have a mortgage. Inflation has knocked them and they are finding it a struggle, yet she is one of the lucky ones. However, if her car is taken away she cannot walk to the bus stop, cannot walk to work from the bus stop to work, so would have to use taxis, at a great cost, or not work. That would mean that their mortgage doesn’t get paid and they get into debt.
    Hubby and myself have the higher rate of mobility and I am the one with the motability car, if that was taken away then we would be housebound. We would not be able to go to the shops, runs out to get out of the house on nice days, visit friends, go to hospital, doctors appointments etc.
    This government is the cruelest I have ever known – I never, ever thought that we, (the disabled and long term sick, as well as the working poor and the unemployed), would ever have been treated so badly, so let down and so scared. We are fighting for our freedom, our rights and our lives!

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