Patricia Cooper

My name is Dean and I am writing this to publicise and share with you all my ongoing fight with Tameside Council for the implantation of an appropriate care package for my 68 year old disabled and terminally ill mother who lives alone. I am disabled myself and have my own support needs, I work part-time, and I live alone in Manchester. My mother has Cervical and Lumbar Spondolitis, Arthiritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. She was also diagnosed with Alzheimer’s late last year by her GP and a psychiatric geriatrician consultant.

Over the past year my Mother has become increasingly confused and her care needs have drastically increased. This has put incredible pressure on me. I have to rely on other people to help me help her and I also have my own support needs, so as you can imagine this is extremely hard. Amidst all this her Local Authority Tameside Council, have consistently denied that she has any care needs.

Before moving to the Tameside area from Manchester, my Mother received regular care from Manchester Social Services for her physical needs. This was before her Alzheimer’s took significant effect. As her condition has worsened and her confusion has become great, I have tirelessly requested re-assessments from Tameside Council. They have twice sent a Social Worker to assess my Mother’s needs but both assessments concluded that she has no needs.

Understandably I have fought to challenge the Local Authority’s incorrect assessments. I have sought assessments from 2 Social Workers based in Manchester and an Independent Social Work Expert who have all concluded that my Mother has Critical care needs and all recommended the implementation of a care package. Tameside have been made aware of these reports, yet have regularly refused her reassessment by a Social Worker.

Tameside have offered ‘assessments’ via re-ablement. My mother found these visits from strangers very stressful; I tried to put her at ease but she eventually refused to let the support workers come to her home, so the assessment was scrapped. After this we began legal proceedings against Tameside Council, as the proceedings advanced they eventually agreed to send an Occupational therapist to assess my Mother.

When we were informed that these assessments were complete, we requested copies of the report but never received it. After months of further requests I wrote to my Mothers Local MP, who requested the information on my behalf. Following his intervention, we received the assessment and, as suspected; it stated that my mother does need care. A care package was recommended, which Tameside Council have still failed to implement.

Only when recently threatened with court action did Tameside finally agree to send a Social Worker to once again assess my Mother. I was however informed that the assessment would only take place if I was not present. With few options left, I reluctantly agreed to leave the premises, while My Mother’s solicitor stayed with her. After 40 minutes I received a call to say that the assessment had been stopped because my Mother was confused and had disengaged with the process. When I returned to help her complete the assessment my mother refused to let me leave and Tameside Council refused to continue with me present.

No-one should have to go through these battles to get the support they need. A petition has been set up in support of improved care services in Tameside. Please support us by signing the petition at

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4 thoughts on “Patricia Cooper

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  2. I am Malcolm Mort from Cardiff, I am partially sighted, I suffer from Diabetes and Glaucoma. At 76 years of age I am unable to go out without being pushed about the place in my wheel chair by my carer. My standing time is about 6 minutes before having to sit or fall down. My main concern would be the reduction or loss of my mobility and care benefits which would virtually confine me to the four walls of my bungalow. One of my neighbours
    cooks my main daily meal for me. Without my carers help I would be confined to a care home because I am also disabled with Spondylosis. Since Cameron, Clegg and this
    incompetent Westminster Con-Dem Coalition Government show no respect or care for
    people in my predicament I show the same for them and will not be supporting them in the
    elections for my local Police & Crime Commissioners post with its film star salary of £84,000 per year. And with politicians now considering themselves to be worth £90,000 a year I protest most strongly. Don’t ever count on my support Messrs Cameron and Clegg!

    • I have greatest pleasure in supporting the Pat Cooper Appeal and
      all that everyone is trying to achieve. It is time that this dismally failing incompetent Westminster Con-Dem Coalition Government was kicked into touch.

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