Helen Budge

Helen Budge age 49 lives in Hampshire and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2003.

She is terrified that changes to DLA will mean she no longer has access to her car, which Helen pays for using the disability benefit.

Helen previously worked as a nurse, but now works in an admin role at her local GP practice for 15 hours a week.

“I use my car to get to work’ she explains. ‘If I didn’t have DLA, my car would go and I’d could no longer work.”

Helen’s husband works a full time job, so can’t drive Helen to work, and she cannot use public transport as her MS affects her balance and mobility – and she would need to take three buses to get to work, which would also the fatigue she experiences.

“To look at me you wouldn’t know I had a disability, and that can be frustrating. MS isn’t visible – it’s not like having a broken arm, and so I’m worried the new test for DLA will assume I am capable and don’t need support. I know friends who have been refused DLA and had to appeal. If I were to loose the benefit I’d have to leave my job, and be more reliant on my husband to support me. It’s a very worrying time.”

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