Ian Clarkson

Ian Clarkson, 55, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 11 years ago. Having already been already hit by disability cuts once, he knows all about the terrible impact this can have on health, both mentally and physically. Ian says further cuts are simply unacceptable.

“Three years ago, I was declared ‘fit for work’. I felt so deflated – I was a building site manager and enjoyed my job but I had already been living with Parkinson’s for 8 years and was nowhere near capable of working. I appealed the decision and had a hugely stressful 3 months waiting to hear my fate. If I get too stressed my tablets don’t work and that just made things even worse. Thankfully, the decision was overturned but the prospect of losing benefits again is dreadful – I would have to give up my car and be a prisoner in my own home. Life is hard enough to cope with having Parkinson’s without all the worry of what the Government is going to do to us next.”

3 thoughts on “Ian Clarkson

  1. My thoughts are that David Cameron seems to imagine himself as a Dictator
    with no respect for the views of disabled people or the public. It is unfortunate
    that the LIb Dems have allowed themselves to be led like sheep to the slaughter in the hope of raising their party image to increase voting support. The reality is that the game is nearly over as far as their professional suicide is concerned. From what I can see, It will take a General Strike or a Revolution to bring these people to their senses. From the high number of successful DWP Benefit Appeals it is obvious that both ATOS and the DWP departments,
    as shown on the Panorama Television Program are an inefficient non- workable prospect.The sooner this coalition government fails, the better for all disabled people and their families. The Conservatives talk about the Good Conservatives and everybody being together on the same level. Please can
    somebody explain this because I can’t fathom it out?

    • Well said does this government not realise that we disabled people are human and voters sooner 2015 conlibs will be gone then maybe we could start living again as human beings

  2. It takes a lot of strength and courage to deal with something like this. I can make out what all you went through this period but it is good that you did not lose hope. Everybody should take inspiration from this. Thanks!

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