PIP Information


Social Security (Personal Independence Payment) Regulations 2013 (SI 2013/377) as passed on 5th February 2013.

The Social Security (Personal Independence Payment) (Amendment) Regulations 2013 (SI 2013/455)



Information for PIP advisers

Information for claimants

Information for assessors

Information for decision makers


Government information from the ‘PIP toolkit’

All about PIP

  • Quick guide to PIP
  • Conditions of entitlement
  • Assessment criteria
  • Differences and similarities between PIP and DLA
  • Passporting to other benefits and services

Introducing PIP

  • How PIP affects you
  • Timetable for PIP replacing DLA
  • Introducing PIP for new claimants from April 2013
  • Reassessing existing DLA claimants for PIP

The claimant journey

  • Claimant journey outline – graphical map
  • Claimant journey outline – text
  • How to make a claim for PIP
  • Completeing the ‘How your disability affects you’ form
  • Assessment process and assessment providers
  • Decision and payment
  • Changes of circumstance

Specific circumstances

  • How PIP affects you
  • The disputes journey
  • Access to Work
  • Special rules for terminally ill people
  • Supporting young people
  • People approaching 65
  • Supporting people in vulnerable situations
  • Disputes – mandatory reconsiderations process and appeals

Forms, leaflets and letters

Tools (same page as ‘Information for advisers’)

  • Preparing for PIP: checklist
  • Introduction to PIP for support organisations and advisers – presentation
  • Quick guide to PIP for support organisations and advisers
  • PIP: what it is and how to claim – Easy Read
  • PIP claimant journey
  • Partnership Manager contracts

Tailored communications and guidance

  • General information for all support organisations
  • Graphic and posters for all support organisations
  • Information for carers organisations and carers
  • Information for the health professions
  • Information for local authorities
  • Information for MPs and constituency staff


Documents from the consultation process:

DLA reform 6th December 2010

Responses to the consultation in 2010: organisation and individual

DLA reform and PIP: Completing the detailed design 26th March 2012

PIP: assessment thresholds 16th January 2012

Changes to statistics showing claims for UC and PIP 23rd January 2013


Documents from the Work and Pensions Committee:

19th February 2012

Seventh Report: Government support towards the additional living costs of working-age disabled people.

Volume 1 report with formal minutes, and oral and written evidence PDF

Volume 2 additional written evidence PDF

Easy Read

Response from the government PDF

1st November 2012

Communication between Chair and Minister for Disabled People regarding a date for the Minister to appear before the Committee to give oral evidence doc

21st January 2013

Corrected oral evidence PDF

Evidence given by Esther McVey MP, Simon Dawson and Dr Bill Gunnyeon to the Work and Pensions Committee

Letter from Minister for Disabled People following up issues raised at the above Committee meeting PDF

Letter from Committee Chair in response to above minister doc (of this letter and the below reply)

Reply from above Minister



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