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“I am a single parent and full time carer to my 6yr old severely Autistic son, at present in receipt of carers allowance and high rate care and high rate mobility components of DLA. The mobility component pays for the car through mobility without this we would become prisoners in our own home, the car allows us to visit family as part of my son’s daily routine as well as taking him to school, parks outings ect, safely and without causing undue stress to my son, It also allows for him to be removed from situations quickly for the safety of himself and others. Carers allowance mostly goes on fuel to make these daily trips possible with the rising costs of fuel. This is the only help I receive and to cut or take away this help would impact on both myself and more importantly my sons quality of life.”


“We rely on  DLA for our daughter Hannah to get her out and about in the community. We have fought  relentlessly to get her specialist education and speech therapy, the cuts in  services and benefits affect her directly. Please stop the cuts to children like her and their families. Life is hard enough for us without these cuts”

“People with MS and other disabilities are reliant on the mobility element of their allowance to get out of their nursing home and live a bit. Preventing them from doing so by taking away this allowance is a breach of their human rights and totally immoral.”

“I am 57 years old and have suffered with fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue for approx 30 years. I feel that re-testing me every three years is a waste of time as my condition is never likely to improve, especially after so many years with condition not improving and the drugs used to treat the illness can be debilitating also. I think DLA is fit for purpose, because it helps towards the cost of paying for petrol to get me from A to B, it gives me greater freedom to go to places I wouldn’t normally be able to go to as I use the High Rate Mobility to pay towards the petrol. Without DLA I would be housebound, and I would receive no help at all because I couldn’t afford to pay for it. I cannot work, so I rely on DLA to help me get mobile and pay for care. If my high rate mobility was taken away, I would be a prisoner in my own home.”

“I have secondary progressive MS, I am virtually wheelchair bound and unable to go out without a carer who happens at this moment to be my husband. He too is disabled. We should not be 2nd never mind 3rd class citizens, which is where these measures will put us NOR are any of us scroungers. We have a right as human beings to have a reasonable quality of life which we just about have now.

Please rethink this policy and give people with long term conditions a care package that meets out needs and gives us equality with the right to  live and NOT just exist. Please, please think again.”

“I am a blind person and receive DLA and incapacity benefit. If I did not receive these at all or if they were to be cut, I would have very little social life and life could be very dull indeed. I live in a town which is well known for its poor bus services and so I have to use taxis for many journeys. I have not worked for more than five years and am aware that a very high percentage of blind people are either without work or are receiving salaries which are way below the national average.

I oppose the currently proposed cuts wholeheartedly. Disabled people did not cause the banking crisis and for the most part are not in a position to shoulder the heavy burden of setting things to rights.”

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