PIP News

22nd July 2014

A judge has ruled that the second 20m consultation on PIP was fair, arguing that the DWP could have changed its mind – that is, that it wasn’t essentially a foregone conclusion that the DWP would persist with the 20m ruling. However, the judge did describe the original consultation in strongly negative terms and the DWP legal team admitted that the change would mean taking money away from people in genuine need. You can read more here.

6th April 2014

Capita is struggling to keep up with face-to-face assessments for PIP to the extent that the DWP has had to draft in more civil servants to carry out paper-only assessments. A letter leaked to The Guardian, dated 20th March, said this was a one-off to help clear the backlogs in assessments that have occurred so far.

12th March 2014
The Work and Pensions Committee has criticised the implementation of PIP, saying that the delays – in some cases over 6 months – are unacceptable.

27th February 2014
The NAO has criticised the implementation of PIP, saying, “the Department did not allow enough time to test whether the assessment process could handle large numbers of claims. As a result of this poor early operational performance, claimants face long and uncertain delays and the Department has had to delay the wider roll-out of the programme. Because it may take some time to resolve the delays, the Department has increased the risk that the programme will not deliver value for money in the longer term.”

22nd October 2013
Despite an overwhelmingly negative response to the 20m threshold for Enhanced Rate mobility with PIP (of over 1000 responses all but 5 disagreed with the 20m threshold), the government has announced it is not changing the thresholds set. Under DLA, there was a 50m threshold for Higher Rate Mobility. Under PIP, the 50m threshold will get Standard Rate Mobility but mobility has to be restricted to 20m to qualify for the Enhanced Rate.

On 17th June 2013 the DWP announced that they were holding a further consultation on the regulations for the mobility component of PIP. The DWP say that “the department has received significant feedback from disabled people and their organisations that they want a further opportunity to comment on the finalised assessment criteria rules around the mobility component. That is why it is now giving notice of a further consultation to be launched late June.” Further information can be found in the Spartacus Briefing.

Disability News Service, 13th June 2013 John Pring reports ‘serious concerns’ over Atos PIP contract promises.The controversial IT giant Atos Healthcare has broken a series of firm pledges that helped it win a £184 million disability assessment contract, Disability News Service can reveal. It comes as the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) rolls out the assessments – for the new personal independence payment (PIP) – across the country. … Read more on the DNS website

Guardian, 12th June 2013. Stef Benstead, a disability and welfare researcher, wrote in the Guardian that PIPs won’t help disabled people out of deprivation. The government’s new disability benefit is based on an outdated medical model that cannot assess true needs or costs.

Disability Benefits Consortium, June 10th 2013. DBC predict devastating social impact as new claimants access PIP: Over 50 charities forming the Disability Benefits Consortium (DBC) – including the MS Society, Parkinson’s UK, Mind and RNIB – today forecast a devastating impact on people with disabilities if the government ignores their concerns about the roll out of the new Personal Independence Payment (PIP). … Read more on the DBC website

The government starts its national roll-out of PIP taking new claims for PIP from across the country. Current DLA claimants will start to be reassessed from October 2013.

WeAreSpartacus, 3rd May 2013. The Spartacus team announced that the High Court has granted permission for a full hearing of the judicial review challenge to the government’s introduction of more stringent qualifying criteria for mobility benefit.

WeAreSpartacus, 8th April 2013. The Spartacus team announced that lawyers will be taking legal action against the government, challenging the decision to bring in more stringent measures to qualify for mobility benefit.

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