Your Stories

Photo of a large crowd of campaigners at the Hardest Hit march in May 2011

Hundreds of thousands of disabled people, and those with long-term conditions and their families could be affected by the Government’s plans to cut their support.

Here is what the impact would be, in their words:

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Tell us your story

Please let us know how you have been affected by telling us your story in a comment on this page. If you would prefer to remain anonymous then contact us by email to: and we can change the names in your story before it is published to protect your identity.

3 thoughts on “Your Stories

  1. I suffer from fibromyalgia and was dumped in the WRAG group without a medical- I went ot citizens advice they said stay where you are as appealing could make you worse off and illness not severe enough to be in support group despite being bedbound! Waited 60 weeks for a dla tribunal gets into tribunal and court service hadn’t sent me medical reports whole system an utter failure- incompetence by dwp on a grand scale and ministry of justice totally incompetent -denying people money nothing to do wtith targeted thaose who need it most another IDS Lie!

  2. I agree take a leaf from other countries and let’s all say enough is enough and all rise up and get this corrupt government out and let all MPs know they aren’t extracting the urine any more

  3. while good men and women do nothing, this gov[ along with its whipping boys lib dems] will get away with murder, always remember tories never alter

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